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Current Market Dynamics: Golden, CO, presents a highly competitive real estate landscape. As of October 2023, the market has witnessed a 7.8% year-over-year increase in median home prices, reaching $745K. This rise is a clear indicator of the area's growing appeal and market vitality. Notably, homes in Golden are selling rapidly, typically within 8 days, a decrease from last year's 12-day average. This brisk pace underscores the demand for properties in this region.

Market Trends: The median sale price per square foot stands at $329, reflecting a slight decrease of 3.2% from the previous year. Despite this minor dip, the overall market remains robust, with homes receiving multiple offers, often including waived contingencies. On average, homes are selling at about 1% below the listing price, with a pending period of around 9 days. However, highly sought-after properties, or "hot homes," may sell for approximately 2% above the listing price and go pending in just 4 days.

Migration and Relocation Insights: From August to October 2023, a significant trend emerged where 31% of Golden homebuyers sought to relocate outside of Golden, while a majority of 69% preferred to stay within the metropolitan area. Interestingly, Golden attracts a diverse range of homebuyers, including those from outside metros like Colorado Springs, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Conversely, Golden residents looking to move tend to stay within the metropolitan area, with Chicago, Fort Collins, and Breckenridge emerging as popular destinations.

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