Interest Rates heading into 2024

In 2024, the housing market in Denver, Colorado, like many others across the United States, is experiencing significant shifts due to the current trends in interest rates. This article explores how these interest rate changes are influencing the Denver housing market, affecting both buyers and sellers.

Current Interest Rate Trends

As we progress through 2024, interest rates have been on a fluctuating trajectory. After a period of historically low rates to bolster economic activity post-pandemic, we are now witnessing a gradual increase. This shift is primarily driven by central banks' efforts to manage inflation without hampering economic growth. The Federal Reserve's policies significantly impact local markets, including Denver.

Factors Influencing Interest Rates

  1. Inflation Control: The primary driver for the increase in interest rates is the need to keep inflation in check, which has been rising post-pandemic.
  2. Economic Recovery: As the economy continues to recover, there is less need for the stimulative effect of lower interest rates.
  3. Global Economic Conditions: International economic trends, including supply chain issues and geopolitical tensions, also play a role in shaping these policies.

Impact on Denver's Housing Market

Denver's housing market, known for its robust growth and high demand, is feeling the effects of these interest rate changes.

Rising Mortgage Rates

With the increase in interest rates, mortgage rates in Denver have also risen. This change has several implications:

  1. Increased Borrowing Costs: Higher mortgage rates mean higher monthly payments for new homebuyers, potentially limiting their purchasing power.
  2. Cooling Demand: As borrowing becomes more expensive, some potential buyers are priced out of the market, leading to a cooling of demand.
  3. Shift to Adjustable-Rate Mortgages: There may be an increased interest in adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) as buyers seek lower initial rates.

Impact on Home Prices

The Denver housing market, which has seen significant price increases over the past few years, may experience a stabilization or even a slight decline in home prices due to:

  1. Reduced Competition: With fewer buyers able to afford higher rates, the fierce competition for homes may decrease.
  2. Longer Listing Periods: Homes may stay on the market longer, leading to potential price reductions.

Seller Adjustments

Sellers in Denver may need to adjust their expectations:

  1. Pricing Strategies: Sellers might have to be more realistic about pricing to attract buyers in a higher interest rate environment.
  2. Home Improvements: To make properties more appealing, sellers may invest in home improvements or offer incentives.

Rental Market Dynamics

As buying becomes more expensive, the rental market in Denver might see increased demand:

  1. Higher Rent Prices: Increased demand for rentals could drive up rent prices.
  2. Investment Opportunities: This could be an opportune time for real estate investors to focus on rental properties.


The current interest rate trends are having a tangible impact on Denver's housing market. While the market remains strong, the dynamics are shifting. Potential homebuyers are advised to carefully consider the implications of higher mortgage rates on their finances. Sellers may need to recalibrate their expectations and strategies in light of these changes. As always, working with knowledgeable real estate professionals and financial advisors is crucial in navigating this evolving landscape. The Denver housing market, while facing new challenges, continues to offer opportunities for those who are well-informed and strategically prepared.

In talking with several Mortgage Brokers in the Denver Metro market, the 2024 outlook leans towards interest rates coming down. Thought there are global factors that are out of anyone's control, it does appear rates will not get much higher, and we should see a trend lower. My gut is that we may see rates coming down late spring into summer.

As a buyer, this could be a great time to secure a home without the competition. As a team, The Fox Group is already seeing an uptick in buyers this winter, with more competition on the homes that are on the market. As rates drop, demand will increase We encourage our buyers to take advantage of any opportunities they see, knowing that it is likely they will be able to refinance at a lower rate in the next few years..

For more info on the specific neighborhoods that affect you, feel free to reach out to us at The Fox Group. 

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