Discover the Top 5 Breweries in Golden and the Highlands

Golden and the Highlands in Colorado are not just destinations for outdoor enthusiasts and those looking to enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains—they're also a paradise for beer lovers. With a rich brewing tradition and a vibrant craft beer scene, these areas offer a unique blend of natural beauty and culinary excellence. For those considering investing in Golden, CO real estate, exploring the local breweries can provide a taste of the community's vibrant culture and lifestyle.

Golden City Brewery: A Taste of History

Golden City Brewery stands as a testament to Golden's deep-rooted history in brewing. Founded by two geologists in 1993, this brewery has grown from a small backyard operation into Golden's second-largest brewery. Operating in an old machine shop, its beer garden is a welcoming space for locals and visitors alike to enjoy rotating beers like the Clear Creek Helles and Legendary Red Ale. Whether you're savoring a Coconut Ballistic Milkshake IPA or participating in one of their community events, Golden City Brewery embodies the spirit of Golden, CO real estate: inviting, vibrant, and rich with history.

Holidaily Brewing Company: Innovation in Brewing

At Holidaily Brewing Company, innovation meets tradition. As the first dedicated and certified gluten-free brewery in the country, Holidaily has revolutionized the craft beer scene. From the Favorite Blonde Ale to the Riva Stout, their beers prove that gluten-free does not mean taste-free. Karen Hertz, the founder, has not only provided a safe haven for those with gluten sensitivities but has also created a space where the entire community can enjoy award-winning beers. Holidaily's commitment to quality and inclusivity is a reflection of the welcoming nature of Golden, CO real estate.

New Terrain Brewing Company: Exploratory Beers for the Adventurous

New Terrain Brewing Company invites beer lovers to explore uncharted flavors. Situated near North Table Mountain, its expansive beer garden is an ideal spot for ending a hike with a refreshing craft beer. Known for its exploratory beers, New Terrain challenges the palate with options ranging from the Suntrip Belgian Wit to innovative brewery yoga classes. This brewery encapsulates the adventurous spirit of Golden, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle that Golden, CO real estate investors are buying into.

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company: Excellence in Every Sip

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company, founded by Golden locals, is a testament to the town's love for high-quality craft beer. With a rotating selection of unique beers that have won multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival, Cannonball Creek is a cornerstone of Golden's brewery scene. The Mindbender IPA, with its complex flavor profile, highlights the brewery's commitment to excellence—a trait shared by the Golden, CO real estate market.

Prost Brewing Company: German Tradition in the Highlands

Prost Brewing Company is renowned for bringing authentic German-style beers to Colorado. With a focus on traditional brewing methods and the highest quality ingredients, Prost has become a staple in the Denver beer scene. In addition to its Highland, Denver location, the brewery’s expansive Biergarten in Highlands Ranch is a testament to its success, offering a variety of lagers, weissbiers, and pilsners that cater to both families and nearby business employees looking for a unique lunch spot. The addition of a chef-driven menu, cocktails, and a one-barrel pilot brewing system for experimenting with German beer styles makes Prost a must-visit for any beer enthusiast​​.

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For those enchanted by Golden's brewery scene and considering making a move, Golden, CO real estate offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in a community that values quality, history, and a sense of adventure. Whether you're drawn to the historic charm of Golden City Brewery or the innovative spirit of Holidaily Brewing Company, investing in Golden means becoming part of a vibrant community with a rich cultural tapestry.

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