Colorado’s mountain communities, like Nederland, Coal Creek, and Golden, offer something no city can ever claim – stillness.

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Crisp air and stunning views in Colorado’s mountain communities

Colorado’s mountain communities, like Nederland, Coal Creek, and Golden, offer something no city can ever claim – stillness. The feeling of walking out the front door and being awestruck by the beauty of an endless blue sky, snow-capped mountains, and miles of evergreens. The ability to simply sit and listen to birds warble and chirp, to leaves rustling as rabbits scurry by, or, maybe best of all, the quiet of a snowy night, when no plow trucks or traffic mar the blanket of white.

Residents of these mountain towns love escaping the noise and hustle of the city to experience life as it was once lived. Locals of these communities relish the ability to walk from their front doors right to a hiking trail or ski slope. And these majestic mountain towns aren’t just idyllic – they’re friendly, quirky, entertaining, and unique. Take Nederland, with its Frozen Dead Guy Days (oh, don’t worry, there’s more on that later), or Golden, with its gold rush history and stunning foothill backdrop. Find your inner mountain lion and join the adventurers up in the hills.

What to Love

  • Endless outdoor recreation
  • Spectacular mountain views
  • Eclectic festivals
  • Expansive trail systems

People & Lifestyle

Residents of Colorado’s mountain communities thrive in the crisp, fresh air. Their hearts skip a beat at the sight of wide-open spaces and endless blue sky. These are adventurers, refusing to be hemmed in by the noise and rules of the city – hikers, skiers, free spirits who are wild at heart and longing for freedom and the space to roam. These communities belong to those who revere nature and long to get out into the wilderness.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

While the mountains are known for adventurous outdoor recreation, like mountain biking and skiing, these towns do provide much-needed sustenance after a long day on the mountain. Last Stand Tavern serves traditional American food, an impressive selection of beer, and multiple televisions for your sports viewing pleasure. Lounge on the outdoor deck and enjoy the complimentary views of Coal Creek Canyon and Golden Gate Canyon. This friendly place even extends the welcome to dogs, so bring along your best pup pal. There’s nothing like a piping hot pizza after a day on the slopes, especially when it’s the wood-fired, artisan kind. Nederland’s Crosscut Pizzeria and Taphouse is a warm, easygoing spot serving dynamite pizza and craft beers.

Things to Do

The mountain towns of Colorado feature some of the best outdoor recreation and most spectacular views of anywhere in the country. The colorful and off-beat Netherland hosts one of the quirkiest festivals of all time. The Frozen Dead Guy Days (yep, that’s right) do indeed celebrate a frozen dead guy. A grandfather from Norway, to be specific, named Bredo Morstoel. The festival hosts food vendors, heated tents, a polar plunge, live music, and several ice-centric contests. There’s even a coffin race, so grab your sense of curiosity, tap into your own sense of weird, and come on down!

Just a few miles from the dead guy lies the wild beauty of Eldora, an unincorporated town 20 miles from Boulder. Home to incredible skiing, this is where you’ll find Eldora Mountain, a premier Colorado ski resort. With lots of trails and new terrain being added all the time, this is a must for skiers of all levels. The Indian Peaks Wilderness spans 133 miles of trails and offers some of the most majestic views in the state. Look sharp, because you’ll share this area with elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mountain lions, mule deer, black bears, and snowshoe rabbits. Bring your binoculars to spy more than 280 species of birds. Load up your paddleboard and head out to Gross Reservoir for a day on the crystal water or pump up the tires on your mountain bike and get yourself over to Black Hawk to bike the trails. The gorgeous Golden Gate Canyon Park offers over 42 miles of hiking trails available for exploring on foot, bike, or on horseback.


Coal Creek Canyon has its own school, the highly regarded Three Creeks, which teaches students in grades kindergarten through eight.

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