Mark Poshak

Mark  Poshak

Mark Poshak

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Get to Know Me

My name is Mark Poshak. I live in Evergreen, Colorado with my wife, four boys, a dog and the occasional elk that graze our backyard.


Building Value

Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, I lived in one house my entire life (my parents still live there!). I left home to earn a degree from the University of Kansas but quickly found my way back where I worked for a small home remodeling company. The privilege of remodeling homes for others helped me see the importance of making a home your own, and the advantage of adding value to your greatest asset. Learning those skills has helped me update many homes and rentals over the years. When it comes to remodeling or fixing up your home, I can help you navigate all the changes: from flooring to framing and contracts to permits.


Building a Family

I moved to Denver in 2005 and bought my first house in Arvada. After meeting my wife, Kara, we moved to Pasadena, California where I earned a masters degree and Kara started a business marketing and fundraising for non-profits. Once we decided to start a family we moved back to Broomfield and purchased our first house together. At that point we had two young boys and the greatest surprise came along: twins! Needing more space with four boys, we moved to Thornton. After five years there, we decided to live out our dream of mountain living and moved to Evergreen. I’ve bought small and large houses from the suburbs to the mountains so when it comes to you and your growing family, I can help in any context.


Building a Future

When we moved back to Denver we began acquiring long-term rentals as investments (four boys makes college expensive!). We then bought a short-term rental in Buena Vista, Colorado and rent it using AirBnB. After years of experience in finding deals, determining ROI, deciding on property management, HOAs and LLCs and taxes and all, I’m happy to help you discover your future investment opportunities.


Next Step

I met Jeff in St. Louis two decades ago and we found our paths colliding in Denver. He was even the pastor who officiated my wedding to Kara! When deciding to jump into full-time real estate, it was a no-brainer to join Jeff and his team. It’s an honor to be a part of a service team where people and stories matter. 


Whether it’s adding value to your home, purchasing or selling a home for an expanding family, or expanding your investment portfolio, I look forward to serving you and your future needs.


Let’s meet up for a coffee, skiing, a bike ride, fly fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, a run, or to talk college hoops!

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