Don Bellavance

Don Bellavance

Don Bellavance

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I have always had an interest in real estate and thought about pursuing a career in real estate many times over the years.  Every time we bought or sold a house, I would notice the care or more often the lack of it that real estate professionals put it in to their clients and I always thought if I were a realtor, I would put much more energy into the customer service aspect for my clients.  

My journey took me in a lot of different directions before getting into real estate.  I grew up in Southern California surfing and cycling along the coast every chance I got.  After college, I got into advertising management at a large daily newspaper which is where I met my wife Taryn.  We married and started our family in Costa Mesa, CA.  I transitioned to a company that published fishing and dive magazines, both of which became passions for me as an outdoor enthusiast.  We embraced the coastal lifestyle and exposed our two young children to all the things we loved about the sunny climate near the ocean.  Our family’s happiest memories from those times were the beach camping trips we took every summer with close family friends.  At the same time, I was increasingly sad to see the orange groves and expansive beaches I had grown up in turn from a small town feel to being congested and overcrowded.

Taryn grew up in Colorado and still had strong roots here.  In fact, her father was The Barrelman (if you’ve lived in the Denver area less than a decade, google it, otherwise you will know the significance)!  We often talked about how the slower pace and open space would be a better environment to raise our kids and in 2003 we got our chance when I was offered an executive level position at The Denver Post.  I was starting to get burnt out on the corporate world, but I took the job knowing it would be the right move for the family.  

Eight years later, I was finally able to dump the suit and tie and start my own business printing athletic wear for race events.  This morphed quickly in to printing all types of merchandise and the company grew to a point that I was able to sell my share and retire.  To me, this meant more time to enjoy my now young adult children and to ride my bikes (road, mountain and motor).  

I learned a lot about myself during the short time I didn’t have to go to work.  The main thing I discovered is that I still had a lot of drive left and that I wanted to keep growing and contributing in a fun and meaningful way. Taryn had been working as a lender the last 10 years and was blessed to do a lot of business with The Fox Group, all of whom had become good friends.  Becoming part of this team was such a natural fit for me.  I get to help people achieve some of their most important goals and hopefully make them laugh while we’re at it.  Now days I wake up every morning excited to see what’s next!

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